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Uranus Diameter

Diameter of Uranus compared to Earth
Diameter of Uranus compared to Earth

The average diameter of the planet Uranus is 50,724 km or 31,518 miles (radius 25,362 km or 15,759.2 miles). The reason why it is an average is because the diameter is not exactly the same when measured at the equator and when measured from the North and South Pole. The diameter of Uranus’s equator is 51,118 km or 31,763 miles (radius 25,559 km or 15,882 miles). The diameter when measured from pole to pole is 49,946 or 31,035 miles (radius 24,973 km or 15,517 miles). It is the quick rotation of Uranus (17 hours, 14 minutes and 24 seconds for a full rotation) which causes this widening at the equator.

When compared to the Earth’s average diameter (12,742 km or 7,917 miles), Uranus’s average diameter is 3.9809 times larger. Uranus’s equator diameter is 4.007 times larger than Earth’s equator diameter (12,756.2 km or 7,926 miles). Uranus’s pole to pole diameter is 3.929 times larger than Earth’s pole to pole diameter (12,713.6 km or 7,900 miles).
(see Radius)